Security Staff Uniform: A Quick Guide

Security Staff Uniform

Security Staff Uniform: A Quick Guide

A security guard (also known as security officer) is employed to protect buildings, the people, and things in it, or to collect and deliver a large amount of money or valuables. This means that their role is authoritative, and they often perform high-risk tasks, so wearing the right uniform and adequate PPE is essential to keep them safe. For this reason, we will present to you a complete guide to security staff uniform, explaining how and why you should always make sure you provide your security staff with the best garments for their role.

How to choose the right uniform

One of the main purposes of wearing a security staff uniform is to make your security guards immediately identifiable among other people in the building. Even if each work environment is different from the other – for instance, outdoors security guards will a need different equipment from those working indoors – it is still possible to define a standard security guard uniform. Traditionally, indoors security guards wear a smart unform made of a pilot shirt, a sweater, a clip-on tie, and office-style trousers. Whereas outdoors guards instead often wear more practical cargo trousers and a hi vis vest. In some cases, security agents can also be provided with body armor. Before selecting a uniform for your staff, you should always audit the job site and select garments whilst keeping the hazards in mind.

Security Staff Uniform
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Security Staff Uniform
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Advantages of wearing the right security staff uniform

As already mentioned, it helps to keep a strong visual presence. This means that people will immediately identify security guards among the crowd, and this is particularly important in the case of an emergency, when a fast response from security guards is needed. A recognisable presence of a security agent is also a strong deterrent for crime.

Maintaining a solid image does not only provide benefits to the people in the building, but it also has a positive effect on the guards themselves. In fact – as we have seen in our previous article on the importance of wearing branded uniforms – wearing the right protective equipment will make them feel part of a team and will impact their attitude, giving them the confidence to handle potentially dangerous and violent situations.

Now that you know why and how to select the most adequate security staff uniform, browse our website, or contact us, you’ll find the best Workwear for security agents!

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