Hospitality Uniforms: How to Choose the Right Clothing

Hospitality uniforms

Hospitality Uniforms: How to Choose the Right Clothing

As we already know, workwear can bring many advantages to your business: it improves safety, it is functional, it makes your employees feel part of a team, and it contributes to personal branding. This is particularly true for people working in the hospitality industry, where establishing a strong identity is essential to make your clients immediately recognise you and differentiate you from your competitors. For this reason, we will review together what hospitality uniforms are made of and how to choose the best one for your chefs, waiting, and front desk staff.

Chefs’ uniform

When it comes to chefswear, uniforms have the primary scope of protecting your employees from kitchen hazards, including splashes, spills, burns and  slipping risk. This is why chef’s uniforms are usually composed of functional and comfortable jackets, trousers, and anti-slip shoes. Another aspect to consider when creating a uniform for your cooking staff is hygiene. Remember to provide them with adequate aprons, gloves, hats, and hairnets.

Given that chefs are not visible to customers for most of time, you might be tempted not to pay much attention to their appearance. However, providing your staff with a well thought out uniform will enhance their confidence both in the kitchen and when customers ask to speak directly to the chef.

Waiting staff uniform

Hospitality uniforms also include specific workwear for bartenders and waiting staff. We all know that a great customer experience not only depends on the service and products offered, but it also depends on customer service. This means that the staff’s appearance has a huge impact on how your clients experience, and for this reason, waiters and bartenders must always look reliable and professional. However, keep in mind that if staff are working long shifts and in high-pressure environments, comfort of fit will be vital. When selecting the right uniform, you must consider both the design and how practical and comfortable the garments are. This is why a typical waiting staff uniform usually include a button-up shirt (with long or short sleeves), easy-care trousers, a short apron, and anti-slip shoes.

Front desk staff

Your front desk staff – including receptionists and concierges – are the primary point of greetings when customers first enter your business. Even before the conversation starts, your employees’ workwear will set a specific tone and communicate how professional, reliable, and reassuring your staff is. Front-desk uniforms are usually meant to give a striking first impression and that’s why you should carefully consider the design and features. A typical front-desk uniform is made of a bottom-up shirt, smart trousers, a suit jacket, and it can also include a waistcoat with a name badge.

Hospitality Uniforms
Premier Chef’s Jacket Studs
Hospitality Uniforms
Premier ‘Colours’ 3 Pocket Apron
Hospitality Uniforms
Henbury Ladies Short Sleeve Wicking Shirt

Important aspects to consider for hospitality uniforms

Now that you know what the main types of hospitality uniforms are, we will go through the main aspects to consider when selecting a particular design over another:

  • Branding: when it comes to hotels, restaurants and cafes, branding is essential. Your logo, location, website, and social media are all built upon your personal branding, and your staff uniforms should too. This includes selecting the right designs and colors, which will contribute in communicating a clear identity that will be immediately recognisable.
  • Comfort: as mentioned, hospitality staff usually work in busy, high-pressure environments and spend most of their time on their feet, so their workwear must fit well and be practical. After you have decided on the style and colors to match your brand identity, browse the options you have to find the most adequate garments for their specific roles and tasks.
  • Consider the season: choosing comfortable garments also means that they must be adequate for the season. Think in advance on how you can differentiate you winter uniform from you summer one while also keeping in mind a straightforward brand message and identity.

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