Winter Workwear: Seven Essentials

winter workwear

Winter Workwear: Seven Essentials

Summer is over and temperatures have already started to drop. For all the people working outdoors, winter can be dangerous as the extreme cold can damage the skin and cause the internal body temperature to drop. For this reason, it is essential to be prepared and have the right winter workwear ready to properly protect the body and reduce risks. Keep reading and discover the seven winter workwear essentials.

Winter jackets

To make sure workers are given the extra warmth they need when working outdoors, winter jackets are thicker than normal jackets and feature quilted lining, windproof and showerproof properties. Many styles and designs are available, but all of them will protect you from cold weather hazards.


Sometimes it can be difficult to work in a winter jacket as it can restrict movement. In such cases, insulated vests can be the perfect alternative. Most styles also feature multiple pockets, so they keep you well equipped whilst also protecting you from the cold.

Hoodies and Sweatshirts

Hoodies and Sweatshirts can be another alternative to jackets when functionality is a priority, temperatures are not extreme, and it is dry. They are lightweight, breathable, and guarantee fluid movement for all-day comfort. They keep the body warm, and hoods provide added protection against the elements.


When it is not possible to wear a hoodie, don’t forget to protect your head with a beanie. Beanies are an essential part of winter workwear as they provide excellent warmth and comfort to the wearer. Some designs also feature a waterproof membrane, making beanies the perfect barrier for the most challenging wet weather.

winter workwear
PW2 Winter Jacket
winter workwear
Blackrock Waterproof Boot

Thermal workwear

When it comes to winter workwear, thermal clothing is a must. Thermal trousers, leggings and t-shirts create a layer of warmth around the lower body, providing insulation and protection against cold temperatures at all times. Thermal clothing is designed to be worn as an under-garment, so it is also extremely comfortable.


Working outdoors during the winter not only means that you need protection from cold temperatures, but more often than not, they also have to offer a barrier against wet weatherRainwear features an extremely water-resistant fabric finish, preventing water penetration and keeping the body warm and dry. Rainwear clothing includes jackets, coveralls, trousers or bodywarmers, ranging from an extensive style and design collection.

Waterproof footwear

Finally, remember that footwear is a crucial part of winter workwear. Just like rainwear, waterproof footwear keeps water out while also complying to safety ratings. Waterproof boots and shoes not only provide protection against rain, but also snow, meltwater, steam, and any other liquids, making them ideal for winter.

Now that you know that the seven winter workwear essentials are, browse our selection of high-quality workwear and find the best option for the next season!

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