How to Use Infrared Thermometers in the Workplace During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Infrared Thermometers

How to Use Infrared Thermometers in the Workplace During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Whether you’re a business owner or a healthcare administrator, you know how important it is to ensure that your employees are healthy and able to return to a safe working environment. That being said, you also know the importance of minimizing physical contact as much as possible during this difficult time. Infrared thermometer is the perfect solution to early detection through verifying that your employees are fever-free in a safe, timely and effortless manner. Keep reading to find out how to use infrared thermometers in the workplace and discover the best practices to follow.

How to Use Infrared Thermometers and Best Practices in the Workplace

Infrared thermometer scans the forehead’s temperature without anyone having to make physical contact with the person getting his or her temperature taken. Minimizing the physical contact between two people also results in minimizing the risk of transmitting the coronavirus.

When scanning for fevers at the workplace, it’s important to be sure that anyone who has a fever is sent home, even if they feel fine. It’s also a great idea to ask those with a fever and other symptoms to be tested where possible. Whilst awaiting the results of their testing, it is best practice to have employees work from home. Asymptomatic transmission is still being studied, but it is most likely to be contributing to levels of transmission of the coronavirus. Early detection of the virus is key in ensuring the safety of all employees.

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How to Use Infrared Thermometers in the Workplace During


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