Three Steps to Improve Workplace and Health Safety

Three Steps to Improve Workplace and Health Safety

A recent statistics published by HSE showed that 1.7 million working people in Great Britain suffer from a work-related illness. As an employer, it is your responsibility to improve your workplace health and safety conditions and avoid this from happening by adopting the appropriate procedures.

Health and Safety procedures in the workplace refer to all those actions that can be implemented to identify and fix potential hazards before they cause injuries. Protecting your employees and preventing injuries, illnesses and deaths is obviously the most important benefit that effective workplace health and safety practices can bring. However, it is not the only one. In fact, these procedures can also help you save money by retaining staff and reducing absences, while they also create a safer environment that will increase your workers’ inclusion and productivity. Keep reading to find out about three practices you can easily implement to improve Health and Safety in the workplace and get all these benefits.

Three Workplace Health and Safety practices

1) Carrying out audits of the work environment

The first step is assessing the workplace conditions before works begins to identify specific hazards. Once you are aware of the safety issues, you can implement the best procedures to reduce risks and keep monitoring them over time .

2) Informing your team about health and safety at work

At this stage, it is also essential to inform your workers. You should provide them with specialised training that will give them the knowledge they need to work in hazardous environments.

3) Wearing appropriate workwear

Last but not least, to improve your workplace health and safety conditions you have to make sure your employees are wearing the right protective clothing and PPE. Protective workwear comes in all shapes and materials, and it is essential to choose the right one for a specific task. For example, when performing an activity that can cause harm to your hands, wearing any type of Safety Gloves is not enough. You need to know what you are protecting your hands from, whether it is chemicals, cuts or impacts. The same goes for disposable or non-disposable PPE, the type of Safety Footwear, and the type of material you need, whether it is Hi-Vis, Flame Retardant or maybe both.

Three Steps to Improve Workplace and Health Safety

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