Summer Safety Tips for the Workplace

Summer Safety Tips for the Workplace

Summer Safety Tips for the Workplace

The weather in the United Kingdom is seasonal and most often than not, wet, however in July and August temperatures can reach 35°C degrees. This makes it particularly hard for all those working outdoors like construction, energy, and oil & gas workers. Hot temperatures and long exposure to the sun can be dangerous and can lead to serious health problems like dehydration, low blood pressure, heat rush and heatstroke. Read our summer safety tips for the workplace to keep yourself and your employees safe and cool under the sun.

Stay hydrated

Some people can find it hard to keep hydrated while working, but during hot summer days it is extremely important to drink more water than usual. Heat causes individuals to sweat more than usual and lead to dehydration, making people feel dizzy and confused. Water is necessary to refresh the body and provide it with the required amount of fluid. Along with water, you can drink other cool beverages that can boost your energy and eat fluid-rich foods.

Take frequent breaks

Even if it may seem that work production will be affected, taking frequent breaks during hot days is vital to avoid any heat-related health conditions. Instead of taking just one long break, it would be best to take smaller breaks throughout the day to rest in the shade, drink and, when possible, take a shower. Working under the sun makes people tired faster than usual so it is important to stop anytime you feel like working to your limit. Keeping working under such conditions and it can lead to accidents.

Summer Safety Tips for the Workplace
Cooling Vest
Summer Safety Tips for the Workplace
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Choose the right PPE

During hot days, you may be tempted to remove your PPE as is it can be an extra source of heat, but workers are required by law to wear adequate PPE when exposed to a identified health and safety risks while at work, under any weather conditions. For this reason, one of our summer safety tips for the workplace is to choose the right PPE. First of all, opt for brighter colors as they will reflect the heat instead of absorbing it. Secondly, choose cooler alternatives made of special fabrics that  helps minimise the risk of heat stress and UV rays, like our MeshAir selection. The MeshAir fabric is made of an advanced open knit construction that promotes airflow and ventilation.

Now that you’ve gone through our summer safety tips for the workplace, check out our full selection of Cooling Workwear. It includes cooling vests, beanies, scarfs, hi vis workwear and more.

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