Types of Face Masks for Covid-19: N/KN95, Cloth, And Medical Face Mask

Types of Face Masks for Covid

Types of Face Masks for Covid-19: N/KN95, Cloth, And Medical Face Mask

If you’re a health care professional or an avid reader of the news of late, you likely have thought more about the disposable facemask choices available to you than you ever thought possible! To assist you in making the right choice of which mask to wear, let’s take a quick look at the types of face masks for Covid-19 and the differences between N/KN95, cloth, and medical face masks.

Types of Face Masks for Covid-19

N95 / KN95 mask – An N95 / KN95 mask is tight fitting and is known as the highest level of protection for people who are providing direct patient care during the pandemic. Wearing this mask for long periods of time can be difficult, but well worth it for the protection this type of medical facemask provides. Both the mask wearer and others are strongly protected against airborne coronavirus particles with the use an N95 / KN95 medical facemask.

Medical facemask – A medical mask is loose fitting, and most ideal for those in confined and densely packed places, such as trains and airports. While it can be helpful in protecting individuals from spreading the coronavirus and reducing exposure to airborne particles, it doesn’t offer particularly high levels of protection. If you can’t get your hands on an N95 / KN95 mask, a medical mask is the next best option with it’s extremely comfortable fit.

Cloth mask – These masks are least effective in protecting you from the coronavirus, but they can be helpful in abiding with regulations and reducing levels of airborne particles transmitted. If you have nothing else, a cloth mask is better than nothing. If you have the ability to use a more high quality, medical facemask, use it.

With government recommendations being updated on a daily basis, it is now widely accepted that the use of facemasks is an effective measure to reducing the spread of coronavirus. For example, when travelling on public transport in the UK, you must wear a face covering. Whether a disposable medical facemask, a cloth mask, or a KN95 mask makes the most sense for your needs, Healthy Bean Ltd is here to provide you with all types of face masks for covid-19, according to yout needs. Reach out to us today to learn more about our selection of high-quality PPE. Healthy Bean only partners with leading manufacturers of regulatory approved products and endeavors to provide the most optimal solution.

Types of Face Masks for Covid


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