Sustainability in Workwear: a Quick Guide

sustainability in workwear

Sustainability in Workwear: a Quick Guide

Nowadays we often hear the word ‘sustainability’, but what is it exactly? As most people know, this term refers to the environment and the need to preserve its resources for future generations. What many people do not know, however, is that being sustainable does not only mean recycling and reducing the use of water at home. To protect the environment, we must incorporate sustainable behaviors also in the corporate aspect of our lives, which includes sustainability in workwear.

How to be sustainable when buying workwear

To go green, it is essential to partner with workwear businesses that make the right choices throughout the whole value chain, from manufacturing to logistics and recycling.

1. Reducing environmental impact starts from selecting manufacturers that can be transparent about their production process and can answer all of your questions regarding the fibres they use and where they come from.

2. The second step to achieve sustainability in workwear is to make sure that logistics management aims at reducing CO2 emissions, for example by using clean energy or optimising truck loading.

3. Finally, it is important to understand the product lyfecycle to avoid waste and get informed on how to recycle garnments once your workwear cannot be used anymore.

Sustainability in workwear and Healthy Bean

What we do

At Healthy Bean Ltd, we are committed to sustainable development. As a workwear, footwear and PPE distributor, we promote an environmental, social and governance (ESG) culture to contribute to the development of a sustainable economy, while providing outstanding solutions for our clients.

Our journey as an advocate of a sustainable economy starts with the selection of our manufacturers. We make sure we only work with certified manufacturers with 100% transparency in their sustainable supply chain. In the same way, we carefully choose our logistics partners. We optimise the transportation element of each contract to mitigate carbon emissions and work closely with our logistics partners to optimise delivery routes and prioritise zero or low emission vehicles.

The products we provide play a huge part in the global warming challenge. We offer a sustainable workwear range made from organic cotton or recycled polyester. Every garment in the range is made from 100% recycled materials, including plastic bottles.
We also provide a range of Vegan Friendly Footwear made from fully man made materials (i.e. without animal products), making them suitable for use by individuals that live a vegan lifestyle. The modern textiles used also have significant environmental benefits whereby there is a vast reduction in water used during manufacturing and improved reuse / recycling possibilities.

Sustainability in Workwear

Our partners

Last but not least, we actively look to reuse and recycle all of our products where possible and for this reason we are extremely proud of our partnerships. We partner with Terracycle, an innovative recycling company that has become a global leader in recycling hard-to-recycle materials. We create a Terracycle account for our clients for them to join the recycling scheme and schedule a weekly, monthly or quarterly collection.

We also partner with Veolia, a global company specialised in a wide range of technologies and services for water and wastewater treatment, resource recovery and energy generation. With their geographical coverage of the UK territory and one of the largest fleets of vehicles in the country, Veolia’s local customer service department manages the process alongside Healthy Bean to ensure that our clients’ waste can be fully recycled (including difficult to recycle items such as goggles and helmets).

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