Embroidery vs Screen Printing for Your Workwear

Embroidery vs Screen Printing

Embroidery vs Screen Printing for Your Workwear

Personalised uniforms and workwear play an important role in creating a professional look for your company. In fact, displaying your logo or name on your work uniforms not only increases awareness among current and future customers, but it also creates a sense of togetherness within your team. Wearing a uniform with your company logo will make your employees feel part of something bigger, while helping customers quickly identify staff and create a brand image. For this reason, today we will introduce you to the most common techniques for workwear customisation: we will start with Embroidery vs Screen Printing and finally we will explain what Tax Tab is.

The Healthy Bean team have extensive experience in embroidering and printing on clothing and accessories. From hi-vis jackets to supersoft tees, we can add any kind of personalisation you need, including embroidery, screen and digital print and stapling. Over time, we have perfected a range of different techniques, and can best advise our clients on which process works best depending on your logo and garment of choice.

Embroidery vs Screen Printing

Embroidered Workwear

Embroidery is the most popular option for creating branded workwear. A metal frame is placed onto the garment and backing fabric is applied to the logo area. This ensures that the garment is secure while the logo is stitched. The actual embroidery process is carried out by a computerised embroidery machine following digitisation of the required logo. We use only the best threads and embroidery machines to guarantee the highest quality result and consistency. In terms of suitability, embroidery can be applied to most fabrics and tends to work best on polo shirts, business shirts/blouses, aprons/tabards, jackets & headwear.

Screen Printing

If your logo has bright and vibrant colours and are applied on multiple garments, then screen printing could be the best choice for you. Screen printing uses multi-coloured inks to recreate your logo. Once we have received your logo, it is then separated into different colours for each mesh screen. After each screen the garment will be put under a heat lamp and once each colour screen has been applied, the garment will go through a drying process to ensure the ink does not wear or wash out.

Tax Tab

From our experience, tax tabs are a more subtle option and often the preferred choice for corporate clothing. Adding labels has the advantage that the clothing is more easily identified as uniform by the Inland Revenue and not considered a fringe benefit. Our provided tax tabs will be made in Britain to support local companies and use the highest quality of materials/workmanship.

Embroidery vs Screen Printing

Several companies and public organisations like South Downs National Park and the ANSA Environmental Services Ltd have already chosen Healthy Bean Ltd to handle their branded workwear contracts. Contact us today to learn more. Whatever your needs are, we will be happy to discuss and assist you in getting the best branded uniforms for your team.

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