Medical Scrubs: All You Need to Know

Medical Scrubs

Medical Scrubs: All You Need to Know

After exploring PPE and uniforms for the hospitality, construction, and welding sectors, today we are going to guide you through the most common garments used in hospitals and other healthcare facilities: medical scrubs. When it comes to medical professionals, extra attention must be put into the choice of workwear to make sure that it will never be impeding when dealing with emergencies or delicate situations. Keep reading to find out what are the key components of good medical scrubs and how to choose the best one for your healthcare team.

What are medical scrubs?

Scrubs are a specific type of garments designed to prevent the spread of infections and contaminants. For this reason, they are usually worn by nurses, surgeons, care workers, as well as patients in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Scrubs are unisex and consist of tunics and elasticated waistband trousers. Most of the times the tunic and trousers are the same color.


It goes without saying that the most important feature of medical scrubs – as well as all other healthcare workwear – is comfort. They are designed to have a loose fit (but not baggy) to allow freedom of movement. This does not only mean that the fabric must be stretchy and lightweight, but it also means that you need to try different sizes to find the ideal fit.


Another essential feature of medical scrubs is practicality. Select a design featuring pockets on both tunic and trousers to make sure everything your medical workers may need is at hand at all times. Also, check the washable instructions on the label. As we said, scrubs are meant to be a barrier against infections, so the fabric they are made of must be washable at temperatures greater than 60°C.

Other PPE

To complete your healthcare uniform, remember to pair your medical scrubs with the appropriate PPE and safety footwear. Depending on the task you need to perform, you might need disposable gloves, face masks, visors, and hairnets. When it comes to footwear, select appropriate slip-on shoes for infection prevention and control.

Now that you know how to choose the best medical scrubs for your team, browse our website or contact us to find high-quality healthcare Workwear and PPE!

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