Three Advantages of Safety Footwear

Advantages of Safety Footwear

Three Advantages of Safety Footwear

When it comes to safety footwear, there is a lot that one needs to know and consider before buying a pair of shoes, boots or trainers. As we have seen in our previous articles, workers must be aware of the codes and abbreviations for safety footwear standards, as well as all the specific features – like the difference between composite toe cap and steel toe cap – in order to choose the right type. Today, we will explain why it is important to wear the right  footwear by listing three advantages of safety footwear in the workplace.

1. They prevent injuries

The first advantage of wearing safety footwear is the high-level of protection they provide against a series of hazards, including falling and flying objects, cutting hazards, punctures, electrical and fire hazards. Depending on the worksite conditions, workers may need to carry heavy materials, operate with machines and vehicles, handle sharp objects or work near electric sparks. After identifying the specific type of potential injuries, employers must make sure that their staff is provided with the most appropriate safety footwear.

2. They prevent slips, trips, and falls

Did you know that slips, trips, and falls are among the five leading causes of workplace injuries? To prevent this from happening, companies usually install anti-slip floor tape, but this is not usually enough. Wearing safety footwear is the best way to reduce the risk of injuries in slippery workplaces. Not only do they feature anti-slip soles, but they also improve the wearer’s balance and posture.

Advantages of Safety Footwear
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Advantages of Safety Footwear
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3.  They prevent fatigue

When talking about the advantages of safety footwear, it is important to mention the cushioning and arch support that alleviates muscles strain. Most workers stand up all day and wearing the wrong type of footwear can increase fatigue and cause serious leg and back pain. When using the appropriate footwear instead, the wearer can carry out their duties more efficiently and safely.

Now that you know the three main advantages of safety footwear, browse our collection and find the best Footwear for your needs!

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