Contract Announcement: NHS Supply Chain and Healthy Bean Ltd

Contract Announcement: NHS Supply Chain and Healthy Bean Ltd

We are proud to announce that Healthy Bean Ltd has been appointed by NHS Supply Chains (NHS) for the provision of National Ambulance Uniforms and General Workwear for the next seven years. Healthy Bean Ltd will be working closely with the NHS to report on the environmental impacts of our supply chains and how to best reduce its carbon footprint.

Thanks to our experience in delivering branded workwear to Government entities and multinational corporates with a focus on excellent customer service, high-quality products, competitive pricing and stable supply chain, we will be working with the NHS to supply branded workwear to up to c.44,000 of its Ambulance staff. We will ensure the workwear provided is of the highest quality, easily recognisable and robust to remain intact through wear and tear during on the job.

NHS Supply Chain

Healthy Bean are excited and honoured to be working with the NHS to ensure its staff are perfectly equipped for their duties, as well as adding to our growing list of public sector partnerships.

About the NHS Supply Chain: It supports the NHS in England, and other healthcare organisations in England and Wales, by providing procurement and logistics services.

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